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D. Morion Szczesliwy Slon

Sampson is English Cream Golden Retriever royalty. Imported from Europe, every sire and dam in his three generation pedigree is a champion including Fenwood, Dewmist, Erinderry, Zampanzar, and Remington lines. You will search in vain to find better breeding anywhere. He is the perfect combination of excellent pedigree and great temperament. 

He is also completely genetically clear of ICT, PRA1 and PRA2 making him unable to pass these issues on to any of his offspring. He has a great hip score placing him in the top 90th percentile of Golden Retrievers.  

Sampson is gentle and loyal. He loves to run and play. He especially likes water. Check out his videos below where he is playing fetch in the pond and playing with the water hose. 

These two phenomenal show dogs are both full-brothers and littermates to Sampson. First we have King (Del Omari Szczesliwy Slon). He was the Puppy World Winner at the 2017 World Dog Show in Germany. It is the largest dog show in the world with over 31,000 dogs entered... so being the Puppy World Winner is kind of a big deal. Next is Rio (D. Monogram Szczesliwy Slon), he already holds five champion titles.
Sampson-Litter Mate.png
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Sampson: A Pictoral Pedigree

Health Clearances and Pedigree:

Call Name: Sampson

AKC Registered Name: D. Morion Szczesliwy Slon

Hips: PennHIP .39/.38 - 90th Percentile

Heart: Clear

Eyes: Info

PRA1: Clear 

PRA2: Clear 

ICT: Clear

Link to Sampson's K9 Datta and Pedigree:


Understand PennHIP test results: Click Here

Sampson Having Fun:

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