Sampson's Eye Test:

Sampson had his CERF/OFA eye test. He did not receive clearance because of nuclear cataracts (center of the eye). These are not the cataracts common to Golden Retrievers. Most are posterior (back of the eye).  The doctor said he did not think they were hereditary. He also said that this will likely not affect Sampson’s quality of life at any point. 

We took Sampson for a second opinion with the same result. The other doctor also confirmed these were not the cataracts common to Golden Retrievers and said they likely are not genetic.

Additional Information and Considerations:

-Sampson will only be bred with females who have tested "clear" eyes.

-We have the best pet heath guarantee but be aware it doesn’t cover cataracts. It covers hip dysplasia, major heart defects, etc. If a puppy is affected like Sampson he should have no quality of life issues.

-We kept 1st and 2nd pick girls out of Sampson’s last litter for our own breeding program. Their eyes tested clear and cataract free. 

-Sampson's grandparents all have “clear" eyes. Verify at this link. Click on the profile for each grandparent:​. His parents eye test were not listed. This is not unusual.

-Sampson has two littermates (full brothers) who are champion show dogs in Europe. One is listed on who has 5 Junior Champion Titles and has tested with "clear" eyes: D. Monogram Szczesliwy Slon. Here is the link:

-Sampson is clear of PRA1 and PRA2, which are common degenerative eye conditions among Golden Retrievers and therefore cannot pass PRA1 and PRA2 (not the same thing as cataracts) to his offspring.