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Sir Winston

UCI National and International Champion Alexander of Berkeley 

We have been richly blessed to have Winston as part of our lives. He brightens our day with his natural beauty and sweet temperament. He is intelligent and obedient. Winston is the best combination of great health clearances, phenomenal pedigree, and stunning look.


Almost every dog in his five-generation pedigree is a champion including three World Winners, multiple Vice-World Winners, and European Winners.


For example:

  • Great-grandfather '09 & '11 World Winner Dewmist Silk Screen Working Test

  • GGF '12 World Winner Dewmist Star Of The Blue Hope 

  • GGF '01 World Winner Paudell Pure Passion

  • GGF the famous Multi-Champion Ashbury Angel Heart

  • GGF '08 V-WW and '08 Best of Breed World Dog Show Styal Silksilla

  • Zampanzar, Xanthos, Erinderry, and Glen Sheallag lines


Sir Winston is not only descended from champions on both sides, he holds his own National and International Champion titles so all of his litters are champion sired.


He loves to run and play, especially with children. Though he is gentle and loving, he is the leader of the pack. His heavy bones, large head, thick chest, and long silky coat make him a head turner. He passes on his great health and personality to his pups.

He is also completely genetically clear of ICT, PRA1 and PRA2 making him unable to pass these issues on to any of his offspring. Perhaps best of all, he has one of the highest possible hip scores (95% PennHIP).  

Sir Winston: A Pictoral Pedigree

Health Clearances and Pedigree:

Call Name: Sir Winston

AKC Registered Name: Alexander of Berkeley

Hips: PennHIP .35/.32 (95th percentile)

Heart: Clear

Eyes: Clear

Pra1: Clear 

Pra 2: Clear 

ICT: Clear

Link to Winston's K9 Datta and Pedigree:

Understand PennHIP test results: Click Here

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