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Hillsong Goldens Deep South Lexi

Lexi has a linage of national and international champions with bloodlines from Europe. Her pedigree includes the famous Ashburry Angel Heart as well as Dewmist, and Dream Team lines. She is playful, affectionate and vibrant. It has been said she has the prettiest smile of any Golden Retriever ever. She is a special girl and we love her dearly.


She loves water and playing fetch. She is very competitive when its time to play fetch but then ready to curl up and give some love. She is the prefect combination of energy and snuggles.

Lexi: A Pictoral Pedigree

Health Clearances:

Hips: PennHIP .43 / .35

Heart - Clear

Eyes - Clear

Pra1 - Clear 

Pra 2 - Clear

ICT - Clear

Link to Lexi's K9 Datta and pedigree:

Understand PennHIP test results: Click Here

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