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Hillsong Goldens Deep South Elle

Elle has it all: Great look, wonderful temperament, phenomenal pedigree and superb health.

Her bloodline abounds with champion show dogs from Europe including three World Winners, European Winners, and multiple show dogs with national and international titles. Her pedigree includes Tramin, Moondust, Garbank, Shardanell, Summeramba, Glen Sheallag and several other champion lines. 

Elle is stunningly beautiful and has all the qualities you would hope for in a Golden Retriever. She is extremely intelligent and responsive. She is athletic, affectionate, and gentle. She has the loyalty, compassion, and care of a therapy dog and the loving personality and affection of a lifelong family member.

Elle: A Pictoral Pedigree

Health Clearances:

Hips: PennHIP .40 / .35 - 90th Percentile

Eyes - Clear

Heart - Clear

Pra1 - Clear 

ICT - Clear

Link to Elle's K9 Datta and pedigree:

Understand PennHIP test results: Click Here

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