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Lake Country Ava

Ava has been 9-year old Jackson's pet. They've gone on adventures and Jackson has been learning to train. From sit, lie down, stay, fetch, going under the deck, and fishing, those two love to romp and play and learn. They both have given a lot to each other.

Ava is truly a special girl. She has poise and rare beauty. She is affectionate, has a wonderful, golden-friendly personality and loves to snuggle. Ava has a thick, luscious, snow white coat (see her snow pictures). 

However, we don't pick dogs solely based on the color of their coat. Their health and pedigree come first. Ava has it all. She has passed all her health tests and her pedigree is hard to match. The famous Ashbury Angel Heart is in her direct line. Her pedigree is stacked with top champions from Europe including Majik, Remington, and Montego lines. It is worth your time to click on her k9data link below and see her linage.

She is also completely genetically clear of ICT, PRA1 and PRA2 making her unable to pass these issues on to any of her offspring.  

Ava: A Pictoral Pedigree

Health Clearances and Pedigree:

Call Name: Ava

AKC Registered Name: Lake Country Ava

Hips: PennHIP .52/.54 

Heart: Clear

Eyes: Clear

Pra1: Clear 

Pra2: Clear 

ICT: Clear

Link to Ava's K9 Datta and Pedigree:

Understand PennHIP test results: Click Here

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