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Zoe's Eye Test:

Our veterinary ophthalmologist examined Zoe for her CERF/OFA eye test. She had "pulverulent nuclear opacity mild-translucent" which means she had a cloudiness in the center part of her eye that was not significant enough to be labeled a cataract. 


This mild issue is not in the area of common concern for Golden Retrievers (posterior cataracts). The doctor said he did not think this issue was hereditary but could not be completely certain.


He did state that this would likely never have an impact of Zoe's quality of life. Zoe will only be bred with males who have tested "clear" eyes. We have the best pet heath guarantee but be aware it doesn’t cover this condition. It covers hip dysplasia, major heart defects, etc. If a puppy is as Zoe he or she should have no quality of life issues.


Zoe is clear of PRA1 and PRA2, which are common degenerative eye conditions among Golden Retrievers and therefore cannot pass either of these on to her offspring.

We have confidence in Zoe's pedigree and in the tests that have been done and we have reserved first pick female of her upcoming litter for our kennel. If a breeder wishes to reserve a puppy arrangement can be made for a veterinary ophthalmologist examine the puppies at 6 to 7, weeks as this issue can be seen by that age.

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