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Champion English Cream Golden Retrievers

Welcome! Here at Deep South Goldens we seek to raise dogs that are the most desirable of companions. All of our dogs have champion bloodlines and more importantly are our lovable, loving pets. All our dogs are bred to have the very best health, temperament and pedigree. 

Each puppy is a precious treasure that is valued and loved from the moment of birth. Enjoy our website and pictures. If you are inspired by the dream of providing a forever home for a loving golden retriever or just want to chat about this wonderful breed, we look forward to hearing from you. 

The Resters

We are located in the woods just 25 miles north of the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are proud that our little town is #1 on the list of "Perfectly Picturesque Small Towns In Mississippi.
Our lives revolve around grandchildren, church, pets, gardening, community service and raising champion bloodline Golden Retrievers. We live on a farm that is literally 'at the end of the road.'​
Several of our grandchildren live locally and they are here on the farm frequently playing with the animals - especially the puppies - and helping around the house.  Our other grandkids live in Missouri.
We love matching puppies with their forever homes! The world would be a better place if every person in America had a Golden Retriever. They are the very best companions for people of all ages.
We have indoor options for our dogs and we have large, spacious areas for them so they always have plenty of room to run and play night or day. We are opposed to the kennel idea of dogs crammed into small spaces. We live in the country because humans, and animals alike, need room to live a better life.
We count it among our favorite things to walk our Goldens down to the pond. They love water and they love to play fetch. Our great Deep South weather rarely produces a day where this is not a great activity for our dogs.
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